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Volunteering & Benefactors


NYTC is heavily reliant on volunteers – without our supporters, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Every little helps, we appreciate that people have busy lives but even the smallest contribution is hugely appreciated.


Our most effective promotion is word-of-mouth. If you support what we do, please tell other people about it, in person, by email, or over Facebook. We have had great success in the past with parents getting stories placed in local newspapers – if there are a group of NYTC students in your community, we'd love to see a story about their experiences!

Benefactor Programme

NYTC was started thanks to one major benefactor, and we're reliant on the support of our community. Our benefactors ensure that we can continue to offer our high quality programmes, and make them more accessible to the wider community.


We're actively looking for businesses to partner with,
sponsorship is very important to us. We can offer many
benefits to our sponsor partners, from advertising in our
programmes and on our website, to organising performance
groups for corporate events. We're looking for anything
from a small ad in the programme to a naming sponsor –
please let us know if you can put us in touch with a business
who is able to assist us in any way!

More information on our Benefactor Programme is
available. If your family or business is in a
position to help support what we do,
please get in touch.


Donations are applied where they're most needed – this can be to secure an inspirational tutor, to our scholarship programme, or to taking a risk on an exciting new work of musical theatre for our cast. We're offering scholarships to young people who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate through partnerships with lower decile schools and other charities like Variety, the Children's Charity. In con

Without your support we can't continue to offer our high quality programmes, and won't be able to continue to change the lives of hundreds of young people each year.

About Volunteering with NYTC

The list below is to give you an idea of some of the areas in which we use volunteers - if your particular skill or interest isn't listed, please do get in touch, we might just not have realised we need it!

Leading up to Show Week

Set Construction & Painting

While we'd love to have some experienced builders and painters, anyone who can lift a box, swing a hammer, or paint a plank is hugely valuable. We often need construction space also – let us know if you have access to anywhere appropriate - a disused warehouse, a large garage...

Marketing & Promotion

As with any theatrical enterprise, selling tickets to our shows is crucial. We need people to spread the word – because of the short seasons we run, word of mouth during the show just isn't enough. Help here could be anything from posting on Facebook, putting up posters, or contacting schools to promote our school matinee performances.


We're always on the look out for experienced sewers & cutters for more complicated work, but there's also a lot of need for some very simple tasks. Many hands really do make light work.


We have a lot of large items to transport to and from theatre, which means we constantly need truck drivers. Anyone with an HT license who can contribute the occasional hour or two would be a huge help to us.

In Theatre

Backstage Supervision

A cast of hundreds of young people requires a fair amount of supervision! We need volunteers to manage dressing rooms, run between the stage and the cast, and generally keep things under control.


For the second show of the year, we need ushers for our public shows (these can be people who are watching the show). Also for our School Matinee performances, we need organised people to seat large groups of children, direct them from the bus drop off points, answer questions and resolve seating issues.

Merchandise, Bar & Café

We sell programmes and some NYTC merchandise at both of our major productions each year – again, if you're keen to help, please let us know.

Load In & Load Out

When we arrive and depart the theatre is the time we need the most help – getting all of the set, costumes & props into place, setting up the stage (dependant on venue), and doing any last minute jobs that may crop up. Generally we begin to load into the theatre on the Saturday prior to the shows, and continue throughout Sunday and parts of Monday.

Set Movers

This can be a huge job or a tiny one dependant on the show and production concept! It's normally important to have people who are available for all of the shows, to ensure consistency.

After The Show

Load Out (continued!)

Generally the load out process completes the day after the last show. We have to get the set, costumes, and props completely out of the theatre (normally we load the trucks on the last night). They then have to be driven to storage or disposed of.


Before we can put the costumes away, we need to make sure they're clean. This is another area where if you can take even one bag of costumes away with you after our last performance it will make a huge difference. Most of the costumes don't require any special care, just a trip through the washing machine and clothes line!

Storage Organisation

We have various warehouse & storage locations where we store our set, props & costumes. In an ideal world, everything would be returned neatly and carefully into the warehouse, ready for the next time we need it. We'd settle for a neater pile!

In General

We love volunteers who are keen to take on an area and make it their own. There are always new opportunities opening for parents and helpers. The reason we have so many coming back time after time is that volunteering in the theatre world is actually a lot of fun!