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Policies and Documents

We have worked hard on our policies and documents, and we're very happy to share these with you.

Paramount in everything we do is the safety and wellbeing of our students, in conjunction with our Trust's mission of bringing confidence and life skills to young people through ongoing theatrical training and performance opportunities.

If you have any questions about any of our policies or documents, please get in touch.

Child Safety Policy

This document is our most important, and we require that it be read and understood by all of our staff, contractors and volunteers. Created in conjunction with advisors from CYF, this outlines reporting of any concerns, confidentiality, staffing, complaints and accident/emergency procedures.

Download our Child Safety Policy

Expectations Documents

These documents outline the expectations the National Youth Theatre Company has of our Staff, Cast, Contractors, Volunteers, and Cast Captains.

As with all of our policies and documents, we welcome your feedback.

Cast Expectations

Lead Cast Expectations

Staff & Tutor Expectations

Contractor Expectations

Volunteer Expectations

Cast Captain Expectations